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If you have questions about Wisconsin City Hoops or the 2020 season, or would like to schedule a summer workout for your player, please contact me (Dave Hazuga) by text or email:

Text: 715-379-6822
Email: dave.hoopcity@gmail.com

Update: May 21, 2020

AAU events are targeted to resume in late June and run through July. If your son or daughter is intersted in competing in these events, we will be preparing for the opportunity with limited teams. The YMCA is now open; however, there are limits and restrictions on gym use including the basketball courts. This may mean we will not have access to the gyms for team practices and preparations. We will attempt to secure other locations as needed to prepare for the start of the season.

Additional updates will be placed on our website and Facebook page when they become available.

We very much appreciate your understanding and support.

Dave Hazuga, City Hoops Director
Text: 715-379-6822
Email: dave.hoopcity@gmail.com


Wisconsin City Hoops AAU Basketball is a spring-summer opportunity for 5th-11th grade boys and girls. Our mission is to be committed to the development of youth and high school players in their quest to reach their own goals. Players in our program are exposed to experienced current and former high school and college coaches through practice sessions, skill clinics, and in-game coaching experience. This program offers the opportunity to travel and play locally, regionally, and sometimes even nationally.

The Wisconsin City Hoops season runs from approximately April 1 through July each year.

Our program is designed to teach kids how to compete in a challenging environment. Through basketball, we reinforce confidence and discipline with intense workouts, practices, camps, and clinics. All players are held accountable, from coachability to effort. 

Teams are created and formed through a tryout session, then placed on teams, and in tournaments, which are matched to each player and team’s competitive level. Players will typically be placed on a team which is appropriate for their skill level. Teams will participate in a combination of NCAA-certified college viewing events, AAU sanctioned explore tournaments, and independent organizations’ competitive events.

We encourage young players from throughout the region who are serious about improving their skills and basketball IQs, and who want to play competitive ball, to join the Wisconsin City Hoops program.Wisconsin City Hoops is the AAU basketball program of the Eau Claire YMCA and it's a great place to play!

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