Why Play AAU?


The purpose of AAU Basketball at an early age is to keep young players in the game year-round and to continue developing their skills. The gap between players' skill level is smaller in younger grades. Around the 14u or 15u levels, players truly begin to gain significant size, speed, and progressing skill levels that separate their game from other players. At this point, individual players will begin to attract attention from colleges, making the platform they play on much more important. Being part of a well-known program such as Wisconsin City Hoops can help to create opportunities for young players.

In addition, young players have a ton of fun competing in the Wisconsin City Hoops program every year. Different players have different goals; for many there is a long-term goal of playing high school or college basketball - for others, they simply want to continue playing the sport they love once their middle school- based season, or high school season, has ended. If your player loves basketball and enjoys competition, Wisconsin City Hoops will be a great fit for him or her.


Cooper 7th 2Here are some interesting facts which can help you understand why playing basketball year round is appropriate for those who have aspirations of college ball:

• There are more than 2,000 colleges nationwide that play basketball.

• NCAA division 1 schools have about 320 teams; they have at least 13 full scholarships.

• NCAA division 2 schools have at least 11 scholarships.

• NCAA division 3 scholarship is based on financial need.

• There are no four-year scholarships as they are now 1-year renewable.

• NAIA and junior colleges can offer full scholarships to no financial help at all.

• Approximately 2.5% of high school basketball players receive athletic scholarships.

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